Tungsten Carbide Insert APKT160408 for Milling Cutting Tools CNC Machining

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Tungsten Carbide Cutting Insert with different shapes and material for different cutting purpose and with high wear impact resistance which is a good substitution of ceramic insert, coating insert and alloy insert. It is suitable for hot process composite material for surface refurbishing and making capable to provide comprehensive coatings to enhance the wear resistance, thermal resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance of protect surface and special coatings of sealing, insulation and super-conduction.

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APKT for helical milling is quadrilateral shape of turning insert (85°). Insert with clearance under main cutting edge. Hole through insert and single sided chip breaker. The 3D helical cutting edge can deal with less cutting force. As such most face milling, shoulder milling cutters are using indexable inserts with wedge type clamping or screw-on type clamping to achieve high-quality machining. Our APKT inserts will be your premium choice for helical milling.


  • Main Application: For steel, stainless steel, Cast iron, Aluminum processing
  • Industry of application: CNC turning and milling tungsten carbide tools products inserts are widely used in: Automotive manufacturing industry, Mold manufacturing industry, Aviation industry, Defense industry, Heavy processing industry and many other field.
    we can produce various types tungsten carbide cutting tools insert according to different customized drawings.
    we can provide the overall supporting solutions for the machining field.

Product Specifications

MATERIAL 2 MATERIAL 1 Milling blade milling cutter series PCBN u drill turning seris THREAD NC TOOL



Production Equipment


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1. Efficiently solved build up edge work hardening and other machining problems.
2. Cutting edge inclination designation is good to control chip flow direction and obtains excellent surface quality.
3. Sharp cutting edge, small cutting force.
4. Good machining surface quality.
5. Special chip breaker design to keep cutting edge sharp and safe.
6. Good anti impact resistance.
7. Excellent tool life time.


1. Dimensionally accurate, durable and reliable performance,reduce processing costs
2. High quality with competitive price.
3. Widely used in industry of metalworking machinery
4. High precision, easy replacement, general use.
5.Various types and also can be made as per client's request.

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